Who Will Speak For You?


 First they came for the Moslems, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Moslem.

Then they came for the Poor, and I did not speak out—Because I was not Poor.

Then they came for the Immigrants, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Immigrant.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

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How to Create A Dictatorship

A country, like all other entities is only as strong, and as healthy as it’s parts. Our country today is as besieged as it never has been before and we are the only chance it has to survive as a Democracy. We are living in the years exactly like the Nazi rise to power and now as then people think someone else will save them from the inevitable consequences of what may happen if we do nothing. Are you willing to sacrifice to save our country? How Much?
Here below is what is happening. You decide if it is dangerous to you and your children’s future. If the answer is YES, DO SOMETHING!


· Attack the press every day so they will be identified as a problem. And use the opportunity as an excuse to spread your lies.
· Limit education only to the rich and select someone to lead the Dept of Education you know has an agenda to make that happen.
· Choose as heads of all departments, you want to eliminate, people who also have an agenda to ruin, squeeze, or end the effectiveness of those departments.
· De-fund schools, libraries, health, safety, and every regulatory agency, (Dictators do not need or want educated, thinking populations and the faster the poor or dissonants die off, the better, so who needs Health insurance or safety regulations, certainly not the elite, they have the billions of dollars to buy the best.)
· Identify enemies daily. Start with “problem populations”: queers, Blacks, women, Hispanics, Asians, the outspoken press, any other critics, mentally unstable and etc. And start blaming them for everyone’s ills and calling them names; the louder the better.
· Lock up the above with the made up reason for the safety of those who are not locked up yet or any other made up reason.
· Constantly attack any lawmaker or law enforcer who does not support you: judges, congresspersons, mayors, school board members, military, and etc.
· Promise the general population anything you think they want. It really doesn’t matter if you do not come through because you will have a million people to blame for that and they, the little people, forget.
· Constantly repeat lies you want the population to accept.
· Make lots of new rules by edict; no votes needed. Just do it and let those little people get used to it.
· Talk jobs all the time, but be sure the jobs are like ‘slave labor’ so The Little People will have no time to foment. They will be so busy staving off homelessness and starvation; they will not have time for anything else.
· Propagate that the rich are that way because they work harder and God wants them to be rich to reap the rewards of their labor so they can justly act superior because they need to make up for or take care of the lazy, stupid, poor.
· Pit one party, agency, race, ethnic group, religion and class, against the other. Chaos, internal conflict and hate are good for weakening a country.
· Start imprisoning people especially the undesirables. Get them out of sight and out of mind. Do it secretly at first. Later it can be used to control the dissonants’.
· Promise and deliver big riches and rewards to those who will become your trusted circle.
· Develop a “You do for ME, and I do for YOU mentality” with those you want to seduce to your way, so every one knows the “INS’ WIN” the “OUTS’ POUT”, (and hopefully, try harder to please)
· Develop a circle of nations led by tyrannical leaders who you can have a special relationship with, and learn from and also teach. how to be “stronger leaders” with populations that are “caged ignorant, afraid and compliant” so you can spread the new way to rule, as normal.
· Stress that this “Strong Leadership” is a more effective and secure way to govern and is better than the chaos that preceded it,, which was caused by the tyrant for just that purpose.
· Keep the secret that a Tyrannical way, makes certain you, the strong leader, will be unchallenged in the future and have unlimited riches.
· Plaster your picture everywhere with inspirational titles. And when you are present, demand they, TLP, stand and applaud or bow.
· Always hold in reserve and remind TLP about the possibility of global annihilation as a means to keep every one nervous and not rebelling in earnest.

By Barbara J Monda June 19, 2018 NB All these things have been set in motion already!

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COSMIC SOUPChristmas is here again and I am into my wondering and here is this year’s offering .

Those who live within a reasonable distance of me and visit know I make soup all the time with what ever I have at hand. Yesterday’s was Halibut Chowder made with the marinade of Argentine eggplant and a chunk of Halibut. And that got me thinking about evolution!  Specifically how everything that IS came from the first burst of energy we call The Big Bang.  And secondly, how since that time, what we now call Diversity, RULES.

This wondering started one night when I was awakened by a leg cramp.  I reached for the bottle of potassium and thought about consuming this  “rock”  for my pain and how this rock changes my make up.  The leg cramp demanded potassium and I know Potassium existed in the First Soup, the primordial ooze on the ocean floor.  I had wondered how we came from rocks and thinking of the primordial ooze which was a soup really,  made it clearer.  I think for me, Soup and how it breaks down ingredients is a good metaphor for everything that is and, is to come. Soup is taking what is available now and combining it with lots of other things to make something new and better.  Then to give to the fist person who appears. Who hopefully will say, “Yes, I’ll have some”.

So starting with the Big Bang, initiating the long march of evolution, all our basic ingredients were beginning to coalesce and/or marinade: Carbon, calcium, hydrogen, potassium and etc.   And so, we, and all that is, are intrinsically related: we are one with all that is!!  No wonder our medicine cabinet is the ocean and the forest!  We are made of them, they are us. All that is, derived from one big soup: mixing, touching, sharing parts, communicating and being changed by time, heat, and the assumption of the flavors…I am in AWE that we have existed in some form from the beginning of time.

Three obvious things are present in this task: one is, all ingredients exist prior to the soup and second, the soup is projected into the future with intent of doing good, (the soup is good because the ingredients are good),  and they by virtue of proximity, time and heat, communicate with each other, and are thus changed by communicating, to become even better!  THE SOUP Therefore is an act of love that uses matter, energy, consciousness and conscience. And thus, becomes a creative effort because something new exists as the product. Third,  there must be a giver and receiver, who both risk and benefit from the giving and receiving, to make the act complete.  Interestingly, we play all three roles.  NOW, we are a unique ingredient, and we mix with others, be they air, dirt, diet or communication with other beings. We then become more unique or diverse, and enter a future where the NEW US continues as a GIFT ie. a more flavorful  ingredient in to other lives, making them different, hopefully better, but surely changed forever.

If you are wondering about my inclusion of consciousness and conscience into this soup it is because I am beginning to believe life and even intelligence along with an imperative toward GOOD exists in all things from the very beginning but in ways proportional to their being, and they along with us, are progressing or regressing according to intentions.

I still do not know what God is, but perhaps God is simply the intention of GOOD, that first Burst of Energy, available to us, present in the natural world and co-mingling with us since the first act of intending a Cosmos! Yes, truly a Cosmic Soup we are, live in and continue to make, be made by, and definitely, receive. Think of this when making soup, because Soup is Love and Love is Soup:

John 1: In the beginning was the Cook, and the Cook was with God, and the Cook was God. 2 It was in the beginning with God. All things were made through It, and without It was not any thing made that was made. 4 In It was life, and the life was the light of all. 5 The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. Because THE SOUP IS LOVE.


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July 20, 2017

I want to comment on the quandary many news persons and others were expressing over Trump stating he talked about adoptions for hours with Putin.  I want to ask you to Please take his words seriously.  Of course he does not mean Adoptions in the sense every one else thinks.  Indians have a phrase kinda like: “To catch a fox think like a fox”.  You and other reporters, commentators, legislators and legal experts must start thinking like Trump!  Not trying to translate or understand him or even think he will start learning and act normal.  HE HAS A GOAL AND AN AGENDA!  AND IT IS ALL ABOUT ADOPTIONS.

What Trump and Putin are thinking and discussing (in my opinion) is “global adoption”.  Something like this: Trump wants to be adopted by Putin and Putin really wants to adopt Trump.  With Trump, Putin gets all the USA and it’s resources ($) and power as a satellite partner…  Trumps gets to be just like his Mentor, and soon to be Daddy, (Putin); The guy with lots and lots of $ and Power.  Trump gets to be the King who makes his friends rich beyond their wildest dreams just like Putin can do for his friends.  And we the People get to be ‘John and Jane, People of a Dictatorship’ instead of ‘John and Jane, People of an American Democracy’.

Trump is the worst, most treasonous person the USA has ever had AND he is working his agenda while we still wring our hands and shake our heads.  You can call ‘Adoption’ a code word if that helps, what ever it will take for all of you to get the situation understood correctly!  To do that you must find his GOAL. A PERSON’S GOAL DICTATES HIS ATTITUDE AND BEHAVIOR. AND STUDYING THE BEHAVIOR REVEALS THE GOAL TO THOSE WHO CAN INTERPRET THE BEHAVIOR AND WHAT IT INTENDS TO ACCOMPLISH. BUT YOU MUST TAKE HIS WORDS SERIOUSLY AND, THINK LIKE HE DOES, TO UNDERSTAND THEM.

Normal has nothing to do with Trump and understanding him. He is Trump! Rather, ask yourself: What has he done in the past, what is he doing now and then project that into the future with the overlay of HIS MENTOR!  Putin, is like a blue print to help understand Trumps goals.  Putin is the road map to show where Trump and we are heading.

Yes, he is angry as hell at Comey and wants to discredit the FBI, NSA, CIA. and anyone else who he considers un-loyal.  After all, his mentor OWNS the KGB! (and the banks, industries and people). Trump thinks he should own the FBI and etc… He believes everyone should agree with him and be grateful to him, that he is the best and smartest. If you disagree with him it is a capitol crime. HE IS THE PRESIDENT!

His mentor kills his competitors and he can’t even get rid of his attorney general!

Watch for his first killing or more accurately, ‘suspicious death’ of someone who he believes is a traitor to him.

A USA Dictatorship is closer than you think.  Please get ahead of it.

Thank you for everything you have done. I know it is very hard and work done at a great cost to health and normal living!  Thank you for your courage.


Barbara J Monda MS MS MA

26 years Adlerian Psychotherapist

Graduate of the Alfred Adler Institute Chicago 1981


We are ALL Cosmic Cousins and the future of the entire Universe depends on each of us!


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What Do You Want ?

aurora_borealis_lgI WANT:

CIVIL RIGHTS, NOT prohibitions DICTATED BY any religion rescinding my rights.

Clean air, water, and an earth not poisoned or raped by fracking.

Wild land held for posterity not given to corporations.

My right to free speech and access to a free press.

Fair and unimpeded elections with no gerrymandering.

Governmental support for CLEAN ENERGY and job training for those needing jobs in it.

The super rich paying taxes and stripped of their illegal TRUSTS advancing their corporate bottom line or religious agendas.

Republicans to get off the TAKE and do a day’s work and Democrats to start fighting for what’s right.

I want the best interest of the PEOPLE not the whims of the President, his relations or friends.

I DO NOT WANT Gorsuch for Supreme Court advancing corporate greed over people’s needs in spite of TV ads.

What do you want?

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Christmas 2015


Merry Christmas! Oh Happy Day!!  The Feast of Light, around far longer than Christmas, gives hope that Warmth, Spring, and New Life will happen again as it has for 3.5 billions of years.  And in the societal darkness that raged 2,007 +/- years ago, Jesus came to enliven the spirit, enlighten the mind, regenerate love and remind us of our destiny as Children of Light.

Warmth, light, love, family, good spirits and connectedness are all major ingredients of Christmas and indeed of every day of the year, but in the depths of winter we are provoked to honor it in a special way, as our ‘spirits’ are low in the growing darkness.

Albert Einstein

This year is a special year in relation to light, as it is 100 years since Albert Einstein, who was “obsessed with Light”, gave us a theory that changed the world.  In 1915, the theory of General Relativity developed by Einstein showed how light was at the center of the very structure of space and time; and in that same year of magnificent genius for Einstein, he gave the equation, E=MC2 expressing that Energy and Mass are different manifestations of the same thing; The consequences of his thoughts are not nearly understood yet or even evident!  But one thing for sure, we have come to realize is that we are all family and connected in ways we have not even come to know yet.  And our very existence depends on us, and all that predates us, being just right! Not only is our earth a closed system, and the likelihood of there being another planet having the conditions to support our form of life is very, very slim. Thus “global warming” reminds us of the importance of living simply, cooperatively, efficiently, recycling and composting so to complete our destiny here.

The symbol for Eternity is ∞.  I like the coming and going expressed in the symbol. Is our Cosmos coming and going forever?  We humans came and will go but will we come and go again for ever?  Could it be that the great Light and release of energy forming the big bang, is balanced by the black holes where stuff is sucked in and compressed and perhaps creating a new big bang?  And that Eternity is a series of many big bangs (the coming) and many black holes (the going)?  As our earth, as well as our Cosmos, are closed systems where nothing is gained or lost only changed in form, are we, and everything else eternal and death merely a change in form, from Matter to Energy and back again, in which all our ingredients continue? … The questions rise to the surface in me.

It seems light and dark are profoundly operative in formation of all things, seen and unseen.  And it may be more significant than we imagine.  Dark matter and Dark energy comprise 75% +/- of the entire universe and we have no idea what it is but it may be part of the coming and going of this premiere recycling machine.  Energy, Mass, Matter, Space/Time, Light, Heat, Dark, Velocity, Gravity… forces at work…setting the stage for Life and Consciousness, Enlightenment, Conscience, Morality? …

Einstein also discovered a very strange property that he called “spooky actPIA13346 planet dustion”; now called Quantum Entanglement.  Einstein disowned the possibility of its reality because he felt it was too unlikely and must be an error. It has been observed in space but never duplicated until recently. What it means is that particles very far from each other can mimic each other as in an instantaneous Game of Simple Simon. So instantaneous, the speed of mimic is faster than the speed of light and thus may be actually instantaneous!  Since nothing is supposed to be faster than the speed of light, this is a problem! Somehow these particles are linked and communicating!  Could this mean that everything is or could be intrinsically linked and communicating?

Is there a Cosmic Consciousness where life comes from, and does life/spirit force, conscious/memory go on?  Or are these separate questions; that of consciousness and life?  Or are they the same?  Life comes at birth with a breath.  Baby breathes and baby lives, consciousness begins.  No breath, dead baby, no consciousness.  Life leaves with a breath… It happens in an instant; the same instant that consciousness leaves.  We need Wise Men (people)!

As I am writing this, I realize it is all about mechanics and not morality. There was someone else obsessed with Light and Darkness; Jesus spoke of it constantly. Ie. John 8:12 “I am the light of the world. The one who follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” And ” The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” Did Jesus come to show that morality is the engine that runs the whole mechanical show? Did he come to teach that it is not enough to be students unless we act and do something positive for all creation with what has been shared with us. Time to get ACTIVE: connect, share, love, give, risk, trust, respect, think, speak, write, honor, and preserve all existence. Bring peace, love, help not hatred, war and shame. Put the golden rule into practice or humans will make themselves the dispensable ones!


disclaimer: Do not assume you know what I believe in cause I don’t yet.



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Musings On Choice

Musings on Choice
Over the years I have come to know so many people and have been able to experience that some people manage to break through the instinct and self-gratification imperative, and rise to excellence leading others by their magnanimous choices and inspiration, but mostly by showing that good and difficult and excellent things can actually be done. They persevere through hard times, where others give up and fall off or do a shoddy job.

What is it that makes the difference? Why are there so few who choose the do good over do nothing or do good over evil or do excellent work over mediocre?  What makes one choose to help someone move to a new house over going skiing, laying on the coach or robbing a bike?

If one human has this “instinct” to service that enables and enhances the lives of others, then it is assumable, we all have it. I am getting older and I remember that one characteristic I saw in others who were getting older, when I was 25, was the disillusionment with “the younger generation”.

But sometimes I wonder if I am remembering the past in idealist terms only. But we did have… didn’t we?:

1. Movement to a more honest and open world.
2. Hippies and the imperative of LOVE over WAR.
3. JFK and “Do for your country…”
4. Pope John 23rd and open windows!
5. We declared war when we were attacked not before.
6. Police protected, and neighbors talked to each other.
7. Ordinary people were shocked by violence and killings.
8. There was less lying and self-serving in government.
9. Handguns were uniformly considered bad.
10. Unions were the acknowledged vehicles for workers to have a decent wage!

Choice is a marvelous thing but what do we choose? How often do we really think about our choices? And why do we choose what we do?

If virtue is getting more and more diminished and self-indulgence growing greater, then are lots of us are making less noble choices?

TV displays lots of choices: New bodies completely re done, new clothes, new gadgets, thrill experiences, deceit and the worst behavior raised to the level of STARDOM! Music that shatters nerves and reduces an immune system to surrender. You say, “Well that is TV!” But TV has been our teacher for a long time now. Have products have allured us, and created a need to be on top of it by using them and even more imperative, being seen using them. It feels like we are becoming enslaved to image. Have we been HIGHJACKED INTO BELIEVING IMAGE COUNTS MORE THAN INTEGRITY?

If so, it is time to take back the ship! And do we want to? Is it worth it? How? And are we willing to do the work? Or do we float down the river of indolence until we have lost our choices?

Role Models, mentors are needed like never before. Can we seek out those who can show us how, or can we show others how, to choose better? Maybe we all can be light to one another and inspire others to act. Together, perhaps we can figure out what we can do?

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