July 20, 2017

I want to comment on the quandary many news persons and others were expressing over Trump stating he talked about adoptions for hours with Putin.  I want to ask you to Please take his words seriously.  Of course he does not mean Adoptions in the sense every one else thinks.  Indians have a phrase kinda like: “To catch a fox think like a fox”.  You and other reporters, commentators, legislators and legal experts must start thinking like Trump!  Not trying to translate or understand him or even think he will start learning and act normal.  HE HAS A GOAL AND AN AGENDA!  AND IT IS ALL ABOUT ADOPTIONS.

What Trump and Putin are thinking and discussing (in my opinion) is “global adoption”.  Something like this: Trump wants to be adopted by Putin and Putin really wants to adopt Trump.  With Trump, Putin gets all the USA and it’s resources ($) and power as a satellite partner…  Trumps gets to be just like his Mentor, and soon to be Daddy, (Putin); The guy with lots and lots of $ and Power.  Trump gets to be the King who makes his friends rich beyond their wildest dreams just like Putin can do for his friends.  And we the People get to be ‘John and Jane, People of a Dictatorship’ instead of ‘John and Jane, People of an American Democracy’.

Trump is the worst, most treasonous person the USA has ever had AND he is working his agenda while we still wring our hands and shake our heads.  You can call ‘Adoption’ a code word if that helps, what ever it will take for all of you to get the situation understood correctly!  To do that you must find his GOAL. A PERSON’S GOAL DICTATES HIS ATTITUDE AND BEHAVIOR. AND STUDYING THE BEHAVIOR REVEALS THE GOAL TO THOSE WHO CAN INTERPRET THE BEHAVIOR AND WHAT IT INTENDS TO ACCOMPLISH. BUT YOU MUST TAKE HIS WORDS SERIOUSLY AND, THINK LIKE HE DOES, TO UNDERSTAND THEM.

Normal has nothing to do with Trump and understanding him. He is Trump! Rather, ask yourself: What has he done in the past, what is he doing now and then project that into the future with the overlay of HIS MENTOR!  Putin, is like a blue print to help understand Trumps goals.  Putin is the road map to show where Trump and we are heading.

Yes, he is angry as hell at Comey and wants to discredit the FBI, NSA, CIA. and anyone else who he considers un-loyal.  After all, his mentor OWNS the KGB! (and the banks, industries and people). Trump thinks he should own the FBI and etc… He believes everyone should agree with him and be grateful to him, that he is the best and smartest. If you disagree with him it is a capitol crime. HE IS THE PRESIDENT!

His mentor kills his competitors and he can’t even get rid of his attorney general!

Watch for his first killing or more accurately, ‘suspicious death’ of someone who he believes is a traitor to him.

A USA Dictatorship is closer than you think.  Please get ahead of it.

Thank you for everything you have done. I know it is very hard and work done at a great cost to health and normal living!  Thank you for your courage.


Barbara J Monda MS MS MA

26 years Adlerian Psychotherapist

Graduate of the Alfred Adler Institute Chicago 1981


We are ALL Cosmic Cousins and the future of the entire Universe depends on each of us!


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What Do You Want ?

aurora_borealis_lgI WANT:

CIVIL RIGHTS, NOT prohibitions DICTATED BY any religion rescinding my rights.

Clean air, water, and an earth not poisoned or raped by fracking.

Wild land held for posterity not given to corporations.

My right to free speech and access to a free press.

Fair and unimpeded elections with no gerrymandering.

Governmental support for CLEAN ENERGY and job training for those needing jobs in it.

The super rich paying taxes and stripped of their illegal TRUSTS advancing their corporate bottom line or religious agendas.

Republicans to get off the TAKE and do a day’s work and Democrats to start fighting for what’s right.

I want the best interest of the PEOPLE not the whims of the President, his relations or friends.

I DO NOT WANT Gorsuch for Supreme Court advancing corporate greed over people’s needs in spite of TV ads.

What do you want?

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Christmas 2015


Merry Christmas! Oh Happy Day!!  The Feast of Light, around far longer than Christmas, gives hope that Warmth, Spring, and New Life will happen again as it has for 3.5 billions of years.  And in the societal darkness that raged 2,007 +/- years ago, Jesus came to enliven the spirit, enlighten the mind, regenerate love and remind us of our destiny as Children of Light.

Warmth, light, love, family, good spirits and connectedness are all major ingredients of Christmas and indeed of every day of the year, but in the depths of winter we are provoked to honor it in a special way, as our ‘spirits’ are low in the growing darkness.

Albert Einstein

This year is a special year in relation to light, as it is 100 years since Albert Einstein, who was “obsessed with Light”, gave us a theory that changed the world.  In 1915, the theory of General Relativity developed by Einstein showed how light was at the center of the very structure of space and time; and in that same year of magnificent genius for Einstein, he gave the equation, E=MC2 expressing that Energy and Mass are different manifestations of the same thing; The consequences of his thoughts are not nearly understood yet or even evident!  But one thing for sure, we have come to realize is that we are all family and connected in ways we have not even come to know yet.  And our very existence depends on us, and all that predates us, being just right! Not only is our earth a closed system, and the likelihood of there being another planet having the conditions to support our form of life is very, very slim. Thus “global warming” reminds us of the importance of living simply, cooperatively, efficiently, recycling and composting so to complete our destiny here.

The symbol for Eternity is ∞.  I like the coming and going expressed in the symbol. Is our Cosmos coming and going forever?  We humans came and will go but will we come and go again for ever?  Could it be that the great Light and release of energy forming the big bang, is balanced by the black holes where stuff is sucked in and compressed and perhaps creating a new big bang?  And that Eternity is a series of many big bangs (the coming) and many black holes (the going)?  As our earth, as well as our Cosmos, are closed systems where nothing is gained or lost only changed in form, are we, and everything else eternal and death merely a change in form, from Matter to Energy and back again, in which all our ingredients continue? … The questions rise to the surface in me.

It seems light and dark are profoundly operative in formation of all things, seen and unseen.  And it may be more significant than we imagine.  Dark matter and Dark energy comprise 75% +/- of the entire universe and we have no idea what it is but it may be part of the coming and going of this premiere recycling machine.  Energy, Mass, Matter, Space/Time, Light, Heat, Dark, Velocity, Gravity… forces at work…setting the stage for Life and Consciousness, Enlightenment, Conscience, Morality? …

Einstein also discovered a very strange property that he called “spooky actPIA13346 planet dustion”; now called Quantum Entanglement.  Einstein disowned the possibility of its reality because he felt it was too unlikely and must be an error. It has been observed in space but never duplicated until recently. What it means is that particles very far from each other can mimic each other as in an instantaneous Game of Simple Simon. So instantaneous, the speed of mimic is faster than the speed of light and thus may be actually instantaneous!  Since nothing is supposed to be faster than the speed of light, this is a problem! Somehow these particles are linked and communicating!  Could this mean that everything is or could be intrinsically linked and communicating?

Is there a Cosmic Consciousness where life comes from, and does life/spirit force, conscious/memory go on?  Or are these separate questions; that of consciousness and life?  Or are they the same?  Life comes at birth with a breath.  Baby breathes and baby lives, consciousness begins.  No breath, dead baby, no consciousness.  Life leaves with a breath… It happens in an instant; the same instant that consciousness leaves.  We need Wise Men (people)!

As I am writing this, I realize it is all about mechanics and not morality. There was someone else obsessed with Light and Darkness; Jesus spoke of it constantly. Ie. John 8:12 “I am the light of the world. The one who follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” And ” The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” Did Jesus come to show that morality is the engine that runs the whole mechanical show? Did he come to teach that it is not enough to be students unless we act and do something positive for all creation with what has been shared with us. Time to get ACTIVE: connect, share, love, give, risk, trust, respect, think, speak, write, honor, and preserve all existence. Bring peace, love, help not hatred, war and shame. Put the golden rule into practice or humans will make themselves the dispensable ones!


disclaimer: Do not assume you know what I believe in cause I don’t yet.



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Musings On Choice

Musings on Choice
Over the years I have come to know so many people and have been able to experience that some people manage to break through the instinct and self-gratification imperative, and rise to excellence leading others by their magnanimous choices and inspiration, but mostly by showing that good and difficult and excellent things can actually be done. They persevere through hard times, where others give up and fall off or do a shoddy job.

What is it that makes the difference? Why are there so few who choose the do good over do nothing or do good over evil or do excellent work over mediocre?  What makes one choose to help someone move to a new house over going skiing, laying on the coach or robbing a bike?

If one human has this “instinct” to service that enables and enhances the lives of others, then it is assumable, we all have it. I am getting older and I remember that one characteristic I saw in others who were getting older, when I was 25, was the disillusionment with “the younger generation”.

But sometimes I wonder if I am remembering the past in idealist terms only. But we did have… didn’t we?:

1. Movement to a more honest and open world.
2. Hippies and the imperative of LOVE over WAR.
3. JFK and “Do for your country…”
4. Pope John 23rd and open windows!
5. We declared war when we were attacked not before.
6. Police protected, and neighbors talked to each other.
7. Ordinary people were shocked by violence and killings.
8. There was less lying and self-serving in government.
9. Handguns were uniformly considered bad.
10. Unions were the acknowledged vehicles for workers to have a decent wage!

Choice is a marvelous thing but what do we choose? How often do we really think about our choices? And why do we choose what we do?

If virtue is getting more and more diminished and self-indulgence growing greater, then are lots of us are making less noble choices?

TV displays lots of choices: New bodies completely re done, new clothes, new gadgets, thrill experiences, deceit and the worst behavior raised to the level of STARDOM! Music that shatters nerves and reduces an immune system to surrender. You say, “Well that is TV!” But TV has been our teacher for a long time now. Have products have allured us, and created a need to be on top of it by using them and even more imperative, being seen using them. It feels like we are becoming enslaved to image. Have we been HIGHJACKED INTO BELIEVING IMAGE COUNTS MORE THAN INTEGRITY?

If so, it is time to take back the ship! And do we want to? Is it worth it? How? And are we willing to do the work? Or do we float down the river of indolence until we have lost our choices?

Role Models, mentors are needed like never before. Can we seek out those who can show us how, or can we show others how, to choose better? Maybe we all can be light to one another and inspire others to act. Together, perhaps we can figure out what we can do?

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The Spiritual Destiny of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered People

Harvey Milk


Humans in this world have a destiny: a human destiny, a cosmic destiny, and a spiritual destiny. What that destiny is, and how we arrive at it, is a story of many proportions. The Spiritual destiny is however, linked to our human way of being and that is affected by all that came before us, and the milieu we now live in. All that we are, think, believe, and do, forms us, as well as what is done to us, for us or against us. The task is therefore to bring all of who we are now to fulfillment in a way that serves others as well as ourselves. It is my personal belief that one does not need to have a traditional belief in God to meet our destiny, including the Spiritual destiny, but one must be a seeker after good, aware of the reality of our situation, non-complacent and have a capacity for a large inclusive Love, as receiver and giver. But perhaps the most essential qualifier in working toward the path to fulfillment is, to see our spiritual path as beneficial, not just to ourselves but also for others and the universe as a whole, and for us to be willing to sacrifice personally to bring about this good for others.

For the purpose of this project the name “God” is used respectfully to accommodate those embracing that concept as well as to address those who in “God’s” name have lead the attack on LBGT people over the centuries.

My assumption is that we can all agree that humans have a noble if not “divine” calling! For millennia homosexual persons have not been included in that great destiny by those in power, even though they have contributed to it in very worthy ways. They have been judged as evil, sinful, suitable for damnation, outlawed, shamed, murdered, and reduced to believing that they were better off killing themselves rather than living out the magnificent calling they have. In this context the pervasive thinking is that LBGT persons are morally defective and thus can never reach spiritual fulfillment.

Down through the centuries Bible quotes and other judgmental pronouncements have been flung at LGBT persons. It is now time to stop this narrow, hurtful and damning rhetoric and for those of good heart to invite, support and walk with ALL our human brothers and sisters who seek the fulfillment of their potential. This loving acceptance and nurturance will serve to better the world for all creation.

The spirit of Good among us demands an expansive view of the process of evolving from lives imbedded in selfishness, to ones embracing all Creation in Loving acceptance as being integral to the path to perfection. The choice to embody good rather than evil is a movement from less to more, from minus to plus, from immature to mature, from narrowness to greatness, from closed minds to enlightenment and from sinfulness to sanctity. The Spirit of Good has nothing negative to say about Sexual Orientation. The future good of all the Cosmos depends on this movement as a means of rectifying the injustices and evils of the past and present, and to assure the appreciation, gratitude for, and harmonious union of all the diversity expressed in Creation to lead to the fulfillment of all potential.

The followers of Fundamentalist Christianity pride themselves on being imbued with the fervor of Jesus, yet they have in the past, and continue today, to champion causes that condemn undesirable and voiceless persons. They have used the Bible to justify the persecution of Jews, again as a rational for slavery and still today, continue to rally for the repression of women with no regard for the opposite attitude and actions of Jesus, as reported to us in scripture. The Jesus who was continually on the alert to aid the marginalized of his day has no bearing for many who today continue to call themselves Christian. Surely in reading the New Testament one finds story after story and lesson after lesson where Jesus embraces the “untouchable” and welcomes the shunned often in contradiction to the Scripture that he or any Jew was bound by. The point being, he was able to determine when to follow the rules and when to break them. He broke the rules to show acceptance of those who he regarded as being of ‘right heart’ or with whom he was evoked to sympathy for injustices against them that he abhorred, even though the mores of the day did not welcome his behavior. He stated that we not be bound by the letter of the law, but by the love in our hearts. And he railed against the abuses that civil and religious authority imposed. My conclusion is, surely one who welcomed lepers, menstruating women, foreigners, and even the dead, would not condemn LGBT persons. He gave his life for the likes of them, for their salvation! Yet, LGBT people are told by these Bible toting Christians that if they behave sexually, in compliance with their nature, that they are incapable of salvation.

Salvation has many definitions depending on the religious perspective and interpretation of those who use the term. However, all may agree, that when a person believing in God threatens someone with no salvation, this means they are cursing that person to eternal hell, a place of suffering for their sins! This is a most judgmental attitude, and seems to state that acts normal to ones nature are so evil they require an eternity to be made up for. This entirely misses the point that the spiritual balance of the entire Cosmos depends more on the loving individuals outnumbering the condemning ones. Those who shame and condemn others are not themselves on the path of righteousness. And those who profess to be Christian are aware Jesus warned us against the consequences of being judgmental, power hungry, materialistic, greedy and harming others. Yet many religious leaders and followers today, are perpetuating this abusive behavior, especially when referring to gender variant persons.

The basis of discrimination and even hatred of homosexual persons by religions partially lies in the fact that same sex love is non-generative in procreating children. But is it possible that non-procreating sex may indeed be holy and be generative of greater values? If so, the major rational for religion’s castigation of LGBT people as unnatural, a mistake of nature is debunked. If the rational is tainted in purpose as is the underlying goal of any group whose purpose is to increase its population for the purpose of out numbering its enemy’s. Then it is clear that any person who is non-procreative can surely be evaluated as not good for that society (or religion) since it inhibits the means of raising an army or need to increase their populations for proliferation of dogma. Thus widows, older persons, barren women, and LBGT are haunted with an aura of being a burden on society, sinful or some how cursed, and definitely not equal.

I want to raise the possibility that non-productive sex, i.e. the gay and lesbian accepted sexual identity and the living out of that destiny, may indeed have a very positive result in that it may pose opportunities for spiritual fulfillment in a way that is more compelling and even more demanding than for heterosexual persons who are not faced with the same challenges and opportunities. The biologically ‘unfruitful’ nature of the relationship, may indeed incline a gay and lesbian person to devote their lives to others in very spiritually fulfilling activities, as a way of experiencing for themselves love bonding, formation of family and of providing a legacy of the most generous nature that the so called,“non-generative nature” becomes the most generative of all human acts and it even may be considered so valuable as to be seen as the very “salvation” of the human family.

So I pose these questions:
· Does non-generative sexual expression free the gay and lesbian person to be more creative in literature, medicine, art, science, and etc. and by their dedication to those endeavors are they leaving a legacy more beneficial to the world at large than children?

· Does non-generative sexual expression free the gay and lesbian person to be more involved in the direct service to humanity and the world, socially, educationally, ecology, physically and spiritually?

· Does non-generative sexual expression free the gay and lesbian person to be more selflessly bonded to a partner, more creative in their love expressions and more generous in serving other people’s children or abandoned children? Are they the cosmic aunts and uncles in the human family?

· Does non-generative sexual expression and the need to overcome the imposition of shame, humiliation, prejudice, marginalization prepare and incline many LBGT persons to be uniquely devoted to the unloved, unaccepted, rejected, imprisoned, insane, poor and abused populations.

· Does non-generative sexual expression globally, benefit the future survival of the human family by limiting the problem of population growth?  This conversation has not gained much popularity but it is so clearly evident one would wonder why? With the Earth’s population heading toward 10 Billion and the much discussed stress this places on resources it is a very serious gift made to the entire human, animal and even plant population by all non birthing humans. For the gay and lesbian population this is not chosen but imposed by nature and can be a great source of grief. Imagine the pain present if the heterosexual population cannot reproduce a child in their own image! Yet this is the natural state of the gay and lesbian person. They can never have the child of the person they love the most! I ask, “Why are they not honored for such a great sacrifice instead of repudiated for it?”.

· Spiritual growth is often kick started by a person’s embrace of the real stresses of life’s crises presented to them. Since gay and lesbian persons are posed with continuing moments of self acceptance, the need to be more visible and authentic, which can be very traumatic and continuing thorough out their lives, in ways heterosexual people are not, would that fact pose more opportunities of choosing spiritually enriching practices, opportunities of self denial and heroic movement toward honesty that could lead to spiritual ‘perfection’ in an accelerated fashion?

· Since Jesus devoted his mission to teach the society of his day to accept those marginalized by culture, politics and religion and that accepting behavior is directly opposite to the policies and behavior of most religions including Christianity. Would he be an advocate for the advancement of equality for gay and lesbian persons fully, in accordance to their nature, if he were here today?

· Is sexual identity more compelling than gender or are we biologically bonded to genital activity in accordance to what gender we are only? In other words where does the greatest demand for authentic behavior originate? Is it interior self -acceptance that is more necessary for living out our destiny or is biological equivalence the qualifier of authentic being?

· Could it be that gender variations run on one dial (the “biology” dial dictating how male or female one is) and sexual identity on another dial (the internal congruence dial) that dictates what I do with that gender?

· In the grand framework of evolutionary spiritual growth, where the progress of Creation is always expressed in greater and wider diversity, where is the place of the diversity expressed in the gender variant persons? Don’t they, in a very special way, mirror the continually evolving movement and diversity of creation as a whole?

· To continue the frame of reference of the cosmic family in a human’s need for social embededness and spirituality in relationships: can gay and lesbian persons who authentically live out their own relationships really be seen as a threat to heterosexual relationships, or any group interactions or to the world family at large as some religious groups propose? Does not the exchange of differences with good intention, as present in learning, and all other relating, have the potential of creating an even more positive, and profound result than meetings where the differences are less distinct?

· Are LGBT people more suited, adept at being creative leaders? They are by virtue of rejection, forced to think “outside the box”, thus pushing for needed change in the world and that process may not be so threatening for them as it would be for someone with ‘more to loose’, like the majority of the IN group. So much of what LGBT people do is life-risking when they decide to shed the cloak of the closet and dare to be authentic. They may be like hardened soldiers in their forging ahead for the common good, which is more in keeping to what they are accustomed to through out their lives, especially when choosing to do good. Susan B Anthony, Amelia Eharhart, Jane Addams, Botticelli, Leonardo, Aristotle certainly exhibited this determination, fortitude and passion in contributing to the global social interest.

· In the accusation that LGBT people “choose” to behave in an errant sexual manner for some irresponsible or criminal reason there is displayed an ignorance of both psychology and common sense. Who chooses to be hated just to act out? When a person IS by nature a certain way, being honest is usually the correct, moral choice and hiding is the lie and is certainly the incorrect and harmful choice? Many “religious people” accuse G/L people of simply choosing to be rebellious humans by choosing to act in ways they judge as evil and label them, “sexually abhorrent”. How can they then think that the help they offer them, to simply ‘straighten’ up and make better choices is a solution? I.e. choose not to be homosexual or at least choose not to act that way or at least choose not to be sexually active. Isn’t this like telling a giraffe to choose not to have spots or a leopard to choose not to run? How can one choose not to be, or act according to what one’s nature demands? It is hard for me to imagine, although I know it to be true, that people still believe that 1. Homosexual people volunteer for the job and 2. Repression of ones nature is a healthy solution to anything. It may be true, this repression, may save straights from dealing with something they have not taken the time and effort to understand but as a solution for the well being of the person involved in the repression, it does great harm. Perhaps a real understanding of the homosexual nature is long overdue by well meaning people.

· This leads to another question about the so often heard rationale for forbidding equal rights to Gay and Lesbian citizens. It runs like this: If this Class of people is granted equality of civil rights doesn’t that demonstrate we (the morally righteous, now holder of these rights) approve of their behavior, and won’t that approval be a bad example to our children and those less founded in morality, making it easier for homosexuality to infect our youth and those less strong in their faith? (Scenario may vary?) The question boils down to, isn’t homosexuality attractive and catchy as well, thus a danger to society?

· And finally is it possible that the scripture used to condemn LGBT persons may be inappropriately used? Don’t we now, through science, know more about the nature of gender and sexual orientation than was known thousands of years ago? Don’t we understand homosexual behavior is different than homosexual nature? And could many of the passages used, really be referring to the sexual abuses of the day such as rape, pedophilia and the use on non generative sex, mainly in use of hetero-sexual relations between men, for the purpose of sexual pleasure instead of relations with their wives which may produce children they did not want to raise or whose birth would cause domestic disharmony? Today if a lesbian or gay man enters a heterosexual relationship isn’t that more appropriately named un-natural?

There are more questions demanding rational responses but this is my offering. I invite all who have an opinion, to voice it. I invite all who have research to share it. Homosexuality has been in our midst since the beginning of human history. It is time for more serious discussions on the topic by mainstream theologians and scientists. It is time for the loving human family to recognize and accept LGBT persons as brothers and sisters on the same difficult path of fulfillment of our potential. The written word of holy books cannot be the beginning and end of the discussion for the sake of the safety of every child coming to age and every worried parent. The world is not a safe place for LGBT people and few want to change that. I implore you to be part of the salvation of those needing it and lay down yourselves to exemplify not just Jesus, but other great leaders who risked all to set a wrong aside.

Received From the National Catholic Reporter Feb. 4, 2011

“David Kato, a pro-LGBT activist has been brutally beaten and murdered in Uganda. This comes just a year after conservative religious leaders from the U.S. flew to Uganda and fanned the flames of anti-gay rhetoric.
Unfortunately, the Catholic bishops in Uganda have been relatively silent on the issue and the Vatican has not taken a public stand against the increasing violence nor the legislative bill in Uganda that would use the death penalty against those thought to be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.
Call To Action with the Equally Blessed coalition has written to the Vatican’s UN Representative, asking him to speak out against the violence. It was religious leaders that initiated the increase in violence and we now hope religious leaders will be the ones to help quell the violence.”
To be continued…..
Barbara J Monda

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Letter to Pope Francis

May 8, 2014
His Holiness, Pope Francis
00120 Via del Pellegrino
Citta del Vaticano

Dear Holy Father Francis,

In the spirit of saints Catherine of Siena and John XXIII I am moved to write to effect reform in the Catholic Church. I am Catholic by birth, 75 years old, educated, traveled, vocal, and caring. I have degrees in Psychology, Education and Pastoral Ministry.

In the last 50 years I have become weary of the deaf ears in the Holy See. However, I just read the interview you gave to EUGENIO SCALFARI in Oct. 2013, and I am warmed by your words. The interview has restored my hope so I write today! Thank you for all your efforts in showing Love and Caring to those who long for it and your courage in emphasizing sharing of wealth. Please keep up the phone calls and interviews!

I love the Church but it is wrong on many points and these must change.

* End the persecution of LCWR. They are composed of some of the greatest, most loyal and holiest assets the Church has. They truly serve the poor and marginalized and deserve honor for it. Recognize their wisdom as coming from a wellspring that is untainted by greed, power or the need for other’s submission but rather born of the Gospel imperative to use all our faculties in the service of creation. They, as women, know how to accomplish much with nothing except hard work, intelligence and right intention. They are teachers, nurses and mothers to all humanity. Conscience does evolve with every new thing we learn, day by day and year by year. Faithfulness to an informed conscience is more imperative than faithful ness to a doctrine that may have been instituted for an expedient or advantageous reason a very long ago and whose right or reason has long faded.
* Stop the persecution of LGBT persons. They are here because they are meant to be here, just as they are. There are no mistakes in their nature. And they, like everyone else, have a moral imperative to be authentic; accepting of all acts and attributes that spring from their nature, which are not harmful to others. They bringing gifts to humanity out of proportion in many fields: Arts. Music, Leadership, and Humanitarian Endeavors. Let us bless them, honor their lives and be grateful for their gifts.
* Give full and equal place to women in the Church. No nation or corporation would be tolerated for this. Equality is the only acceptable policy for The Universal Church.
* Recognize all of creation as sacred and evolving. And acknowledge the Church’s universal bonds with all people in the imperative of protection of all creation. Partner with good science. Emphasize cooperation over competition, as being a primary characteristic of a right relationship with all in existence. Urge Bishops to become active in Social Justice issues and stop seeing ‘Social Justice’ as words that threaten their authority.
* Free those in domestically violent marriages. Blame the abusers and do not bind the victims to what may become their murderers. Bless their future marriages and save their children from repeating the cycle of abuse.
* Reinstate celibacy to a place of honor by reserving it for the mature and those who have the courage and calling to preserve it as a virtue instead as a vehicle for preserving wealth and power and partly responsible for sexual abuses.
* Encourage lay people and theologians, to think, write, and help the Church evolve. Who cuts off their arm when it is needed? Thinking, speaking must be utilized as tools to aid humanity. Loyalty like Respect is earned not enforced. Do away with Bishops and Cardinals Loyalty oaths. Far better to hear their voice than degrade human dignity by insisting on mindless obedience.
* Bring Lay persons into the governance of the Church.

In closing I want to say: Goodness is transparent and can be witnessed. In practice, it is heartwarming and inspiring. We want less scolding and more inclusiveness, and a heard voice. We want a Church that lives and ministers in our world not in some fabricated notion of reality created by politically driven and power ravenous prelates who reside in their own castles of fantasy.

If the church must condemn then let the Bishops speak out against the death penalty, corporate greed, ending slavery, forced labor practices, genocide, a polluted food supply, women and children captured for sexual exploitation and on and on…

Prove that religion is not the chain that binds spirituality! The entire world waits on you.

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Christmas 2013 Gemeinschaftsgefuhl to You and Yours!

Gemeinschaftsgefühl is not really a holiday greeting but rather a way of being in the world. But it sounds great for this season, and actually it is appropriate, and my wish is sincere. To be explained later*…

This Christmas I write to you about family and family relationships in a very BIG broad sense. Every single one of us related by virtue of our ancestry to the Big Bang and quite possibly before the Big Bang! So relatives all are we: past, present and future in this Universe we call home. So you can see my preoccupation with the universe continues!

In the past year, more so than ever before, I have experienced new meaning in things I thought I knew in the past. Going back has become the new plunging ahead. I thought I understood … but now I understand better! Some of which is related to Alfred Adler, the Psychologist.

Adler talked about relationships and our influence in those spheres in terms of “constellations” and he also used the word “worlds” to describe other kinds of worlds, perhaps even more relevant to our living in this one! He talked about “UmVelt”s. He was referring to the personal subjective worlds we interact with, such as family, friends, and local community. We exert influence and are affected by what others do in these worlds. These are the worlds we exercise free will, conscience, and ethics in. These are the worlds in which we purposefully try to create Peace and Love in connections with people because it is in these connections that we fulfill our human need for importance and find happiness and mental health.

We bring our own uniqueness, or Individuality, in Adler’s words, and relate from our own distinct perspective. In this sharing we give and receive; growing more refined and hopefully, more fulfilled. If the interchanges are loving, meaningful, encouraging, and respectful we, and others as well, flourish in this milieu of nurture. So you all are my umvelt, my local world, my theatre for playing out my role, exercising my choices, finding my meaning and purpose in the BIG UMVELT, the Cosmos!

*Everything in the last paragraph is actually Gemeinschaftsgefühl, which is another of Adler’s terms. Gemeinschaftsgefühl is his definition for mental health, a community feeling whereby one experiences that he or she is valued and thereby feels they belong in the various worlds in which they move with others. And although Adler did not specifically discuss nature, I am confident he would agree developing a value for an ecological connection with nature further enhances Gemeinschaftsgefühl as we relate respectfully with plants, animals, the earth and the cosmos as a whole. Gemeinschaftsgefühl is achieved by service to others, by giving of our talents and skills and by valuing what others give. In this exchange a sense of importance is achieved for those who practice it. It is, in a way, the recognition of the aspect of FAMILY in our world, with friends, co-workers, associates and humanity at large and extended, by extrapolation, to the entire living universe. See (My correction to the web page: (Adler’s form of psychology is actually titled Individual Psychology not phenomenological and Social Interest is a term he used to describe “Gemeinschaftsgefühl.)

So Adler becomes ever more relevant to me after all these years. (31 years since graduating from the Alfred Adler Institute in Chicago) Reflecting on Adler emphasizes for me how much a welcoming and encouraging way of being is vital for the growth of the human person toward fulfillment!

As I make this journey through the years of my life, I find I have more questions and fewer answers. Some that have been with me lately are: Is evil absolutely necessary? Perhaps the answer is more valid by looking at Evil as the manifestation and consequence of choosing Harm. And, therefore choosing Love is the manifestation and consequence of choosing to help. Then both evil and good are vehicles of potential and I feel absolutely necessary.

So here we are in 2013, these little infinitesimal specks in the Universe. Our life span is less than a trillionth of a second. But we have intelligence, we struggle between good and evil, and what we do, how we choose, has an effect on people, the planet and eventually our Cosmos! Thus, what happens in our small worlds affects our Big World!
All this entails using Consciousness, (thought, conscience and choice) which has major relevance. I want to know where consciousness resides. We live and act in a closed system where everything is used and recycled. So if all of everything came from what preceded it, when every thing ends it’s present state, does that formula of atoms (of everything) get re-formulated to make something else?

So where does our consciousness go when we get recycled? Could it be part of the 95% of the Cosmos that scientists do not know about? We ‘kinda’ know where our carbon, iron, manganese and etc., goes, but where does our thinking, memories, personhood, conscience go? Do they continue to exist? What are they made of? If they are lost, why? How can that be?
What if they continue existing, what if they are intrinsic elements of the LIVING, CONSCIOUS COSMOS, home of energy, matter, wimps, neutrinos and more? Perhaps they are part of the dark energy or anti-matter! Do you know that science only knows what 4.9% of the universe consists of!!! I’d say there is a lot to learn!

So let me assume you have taken out time to read everything on the links I sent in this note and watched the videos too! HA HA. I am hoping you can see I am hung up on certain dichotomies, good and evil, matter and non-matter, subjective umvelt and objective worlds… And here is one more. People use the terms past, present, future and beginning and endings, a lot. We like to know about boundaries and time. They help us define things and ideas. They give us a sense of progress. But what if they are just our perspective and not real. We after all, are just tiny little worms or specks and we specks are interpreting our worlds, most of which is beyond our present comprehension.

So what if beginnings and endings IS OUR DEVICE FOR UNDERSTAND OR GROUPING AND NOT REALITY? What if ETERNITY is the DEFAULT SETTING for all that is? Meaning, there is no beginning and no ending. Death, destruction, decomposition… is just the moment when the recipe gets changed, when the ingredients get shuffled according to what is JUST RIGHT at/for that particular (DARE I SAY) time, moment, milieu??? A world without time! How do we even think of such a thing? What about us then? Are we eternal?

What is in that 95% of the Cosmos we do not know about?
Is there a collective live consciousness somewhere?
And not discussed in this letter: What is “alive” anyway?

Merry Christmas and Happy Wondering!

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